Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Easter bunny

Here is my Easter bunny for my kids. Absolutely spontaneously today I decided to surprise them with this cake. They have already started talking about Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and all delicious chocolate treats.
The recipe, as always, is my patent :)
First layer is raw - finely ground ginger cookies, ground dried dates and ground walnuts, all attached with cocoanut oil. Second layer is vanilla gluten free (I used rice flour). The two layers are attached with decadent chocolate cream. The whole cake is covered with whipping vanilla cream and cocoanut flakes. Some of the decorations are made out of fondants. Now I hope I'll satisfy all tastes - there is a layer for the chocolate lovers and for those who prefer vanilla. There are pieces for those who love fondant and pieces for those who prefer cocoanut... :)


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