Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy birthday, Mitko or a skater cake

This cake is for Dimitar's 8th birthday. The boy immediately decided what kind of cake he would like to have for his birthday. Probably the skate boards are his new passion. His wish was for a decadent chocolate cake with rich chocolate cream. And his mother added another idea - the skateboarder may represent Bulgaria. That's why I decided to make his clothes like the Bulgarian flag - white, green and red. And in addition I drew the flag on the skateboarder's T-shirt.
I looked for some popular skaters slogans in the net and I put them on the cake because being honest with you I don't know anything about that sport.
Happy birthday, Mitko! I wish you happy childhood and a great  birthday party!


And because his mother shared with me that she would prepare a pirate party I decided to surprise them with the following muffins (again chocolate).


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