Thursday, August 29, 2013

Zebra raw cake

This raw cake is made out of ground dried figs and plums, cranberries, some cocoanut oil, water, some ground cookies, almonds, lime zest. And all these I put in 8" (20cm) spring form pan and then left it in the freezer for a while to set. After that I placed the cake on the board and I wrapped it with green marzipan. The top I covered with pink marzipan. This marzipan you can find in almost all Arabic grocery stores. There are 3 different colors - white, pink and green. Then again I wrapped the cake but this time with this zebra edible sheet where you can find at Michael's or at the other specialized cake stores. Honestly I use it only for the decoration. On the top I spread some cocoanut flakes and goji berries.

Bon apétit!

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