Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lotus cake

Today I'll share with you my first lotus cake :). But before that I would like to wish all the best to Krasimira. She had a birthday and together with her husband they picked up the idea for the cake. The picture that they sent me was stunning - very beautiful and delicate cake, two tiers with lotus flowers....I tried to make something similar. Of course, the biggest challenge was the flower. At the very beginning I didn't realize how complex is the lotus. Actually the difficult part comes from the air humidity. What a bad luck for me :). The petals couldn't dry although I put them in cups full of rice (the rice helps for fondant dryness). But hopefully everything was perfect for the day of the party.

Now some words about the cake, this part that is under the lotus :). It's completely raw cake made out of ground organic cookies, dates, almonds, cranberries, carob powder, cocoanut flakes, raw hemp seeds, vanilla extract, lemon zest, cocoanut oil and cream...And all this blend is covered with fondant. It sounds delicious, isn't it?
And now it's time for more photos...

Here with the sound of Hindu origin OM

I'm sorry if you are tired of my photos but I am addicted to this cake:)

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