Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dory's cake

Today's cake is for a very close friend of mine - Dory. Although we don't have the chance to meet often, the time spent together is always full of value. As good friends we share a lot of things, we feel very comfortable with each other. Last week I invited Dory at home with her sons (by the way they are good friends with my son) . I decided to make a small cake for her but I wanted to surprise her. And because of lack of time she presented while I was preparing her own cake. I pretended that I have a cake order and asked her to help me with some ideas. I told her that the client ask me to make a cake and I have to choose the colors and all the decorations. Then I showed her different colors fondant that I had at that moment, asked what she would like if this cake is for her and finally I made this...

While I was working on the cake I asked for the correct spelling of her name although I knew it perfectly well.

And when I put down the name she understood what's going on. Dory was pleasantly surprised. I was very happy that I could surprise her in that sweet way.

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