Thursday, August 22, 2013

Raw cakes with pears

While waiting for my fondant decorations to dry out in this humid weather, I decided to show you my last two cakes. Both of them are raw cakes. The only difference are the dates that I put in the base. And of course, I change the top decoration but it's still with the same ingredients....

 And now the second one.Your task is to find the differences :)

The base is made with ground pears, flax flour, sesame tahini, honey, carob (and dates in the second cake). The filling is made out of ground bananas with agar-agar and almond extract. The decoration - goji  berries, cocoanut flakes, carob powder and ground almonds.

Here it's the time to thank Vania who is the author of this amazing cake recipe. Here you can see all her creations. The original recipe of this cake is with quinces. But I couldn't find any of this fruit and I decided to replace them with delicious sweet pears. Unfortunately I can't compare with the quinces to tell you which one is better option but you can make them and then let me know, please...

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