Saturday, October 21, 2017

Power Puff girls cake

This cake is for Alex 5th birthday. Happy birthday, Alex! I wish you an amazing birthday party, a lot of friends and beautiful presents! Enjoy it!

My previous post was dedicated to Alex again. I shared with you her birthday cake for the daycare - the cute trolls.
Today I'll share with you the second cake - for the birthday party with her other friends.
Alex cake wish are Power Puff Girls. Being honest with you, I have never heard of these girls...This is a sign that my kids are getting older and I am not aware of the new characters.

The cake is made out of rainbow layers with mascarpone filling and fresh and delicious raspberries. The cake is covered by white chocolate ganache colored in orange. The decorations are fondant and the 3 girls with their friends are plastic decorations.

Have a great party, Alex!

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