Monday, January 18, 2016

L'agent Jean cake

This cake was for Kaloyan's birthday. Koko is a boy that I mentioned not for the first time in my blog. He is a son of a friend of mine and here you can see his birthday cakes from the last year and two years ago.

Kaloyan's mom and my friend called me and asked me for her son's birthday cake. When she mentioned "L'agent Jean" nothing came into my mind. But at that moment my son was close to me and when he heard "agent Jean" he told me "Oh, I know him. It's very interesting. I'll show you who is agent Jean". OK, now I was calm.

These characters are from comics magazines for kids. They are very popular among the guys at age between 8-12 years old. But, unfortunately, I have never heard about them...:(

I checked in the net but I found only pictures from the magazines...Anyway, my son helped me a lot with the ideas and advices.

These quotations that I wrote around the cake I took from different L'agent Jean's magazines. I thought it would be a good idea to put them on the cake.

The cake is a combination of chocolate and vanilla layers. The cream is chocolate, two types of chocolate filling. The first one is a mix of chocolate frosting and whipping cream. The second filling is very light chocolate cream without any butter.

Happy birthday,Koko!!! Be very happy boy!

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