Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pink coconut treats

Look at what happens when you decide to make french macarons, the egg whites are whipped and at this very last moment you find that you don't have any almond flour at home...Disaster!!!!
But not complete disaster :) The first seconds I was angry with myself because before I started whipping the egg whites I hadn't checked if I have all the ingredients at home. I was 100% sure that I had almond flour at home. Unfortunately, I did a mistake. I found bags with coconut flour, chick peas flour, tapioca flour, potato flour and etc....but the almond flour bag was gone.

The stress was only for 10 seconds. Then I decided to prepare something different but with the same shape as the French macarons. I replaced the almond flour with coconut one and I continued following my recipe

I colored the coconut treats in pink and the filling in peach color. Besides the almond flour I followed strictly the recipe.

These pink treats were heavenly delicious!!! They are good with a cup of coffee or tea but even taken alone they are irresistible!

But definitely they are tasty because they were made with love!

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