Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Purple raw cake

This raw cake is my birthday present to a very special for me person. The cake is made out of organic blueberries. That's why the color is so purple. I didn't use any artificial colorants, any sweeteners, no flour, no eggs....

The full recipe you can see here. The cake this time is smaller. It's a 6" (15 cm) diameter. I replaced the strawberries from my other post with blueberries. This is the only change that I have made.On the top of the cake I spread some wild flowers honey.

The cake is full of healthy ingredients. I'll just mention the raw almonds, raw cashews, chia seeds, almond butter, organic blueberries....

I hope you like my idea and my cake for something sweet, and different, and healthy, and incredibly delicious!

Happy birthday!!!! I wish you all the best!

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