Saturday, October 24, 2015

Just days before Halloween

Usually I'm not making cakes for Halloween because I find all details very scary. The costumes, the house decorations even the cake decorations are too much very often. And because I have small kids I know how scary can be even one black cat sometimes. But besides all these skeletons, knives, blood there are some cute ghosts and orange pumpkins....

This year I have bought a lot of "eyes" chewing gums and I used them very often when I made muffins for my kids or for friends as decorations. The kids find them "cool".

These muffins I prepared for friends. They are chocolate with orange colored vanilla frosting. Before I put the candy decorations on the top (the pumpkins, the corn seeds and the "eye" chewing gum) I had taken some pictures. Here are they...

And at the end of my post I'll show you my "angry" pumpkin cookie :)

Happy Halloween!

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