Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer muffins

Where is the summer this year? We have been waiting for it so long and we are still waiting....How long? Where the real summer is hiding?

Yesterday, July 1st, was such a gloomy day. It was raining all day depressive. It stopped for couple of minutes the sun tried to show up in the sky and all of a sudden the dark clouds occupied the whole space...And rain again,and again....

Feeling tired and exhausted of this weather I decided to bake some bran muffins and to use my new cupcakes decorations. They are exactly for the summer.

Aren't they cute? So colorful,so vibrant...Just close your eyes and imagine that you are on some Hawaiian beach, beautiful colors,turquoise water gently touching your feet, blue sky, relax,simply paradise :)

Besides the colors, let's mention some words about the muffins. As I said in the beginning they are bran and in the mixture I added dried white and dark mulberries, cranberries, almonds. On the top I spread some kamut  and coconut flakes.

Enjoy them and enjoy the summer!

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