Saturday, July 11, 2015

QR code cake

Today I'll share with you my first cake based on that theme....electronic motherboards and QR codes.
The idea for this cake came from  a lady that I had met once. Last time she ordered a cake for her son's birthday. The cake was again very interesting and unique. Here you can read my post and see the cake photos.

This time the QR code cake is for her son's friend. And the idea belongs to her son. Being honest with you I was very surprised of that cake. Definitely, it's unique!!!! I hope that the boy with the birthday will be pleasantly surprised.

When you read the QR code on the top it has to be written "Happy birthday". What a nice surprise!
There is a part of a program code around the cake also.

The most difficult part was to put the motherboard on the cake. Of course, I didn't make all the details. It's an edible print. But the difficulty came from the corner of the cake. How can I lay down the image without destroying it?!?!
That's why I cut it first in two parts. The biggest one was around the cake. Then came the more creative part - to cut the image in a way to look like the board continues without any problem....And after some more cuts and depositions, the main job was done :)

It was such a fun to make this cake! It's really an unique cake!!!! 
I would like to thank the lady ordering the cake to give me the chance to make something different and interesting!

And now some photos....

I forgot completely about the cake, what is inside...Anyway, it's not just a picture, it has to be eaten and I really hope that I'll satisfy the birthday boy's taste. It's a chocolate cake with fluffy homemade chocolate cream, very light, without any butter.

Happy birthday! Be happy!

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