Monday, July 20, 2015

Homemade muffins

Last week I made two different kind of muffins for my loved ones. 
First I'll present you my muffins in blue...Honestly, I made them for my father who celebrated on July 17th his name day.I decided this time to make some small sweet treats. The weather was very hot and humid and I hadn't any desire to make a cake  :(

I baked a dozen of chocolate muffins with chocolate chips. I made these blue frosting swirls on the top and I used the blue paper decorations. Being honest, everyone in our family adores chocolate. That's why, no doubt, the muffins disappeared very quickly :)

Now I'll present you my next kind of muffins - the ladybugs...

They are just the opposite - vanilla ones with chocolate and caramel chips and the third option with cranberries and kamut flakes. The last ones were for me :)

I tried to keep them as simple as possible. First because the weather now it's very hot and I don't want to use any butter creams, frosting and fondant decorations and second, I like very much these paper decorations...

I forgot to add my last vanilla muffins with cranberries that I baked once for breakfast. They are as simple as possible. Even the paper cups are not fancy...But they are still delicious and...homemade :) My daughter helped me a lot :)

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