Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Winter cookies

These cookies I made especially for my kids. I wanted to surprise them with something "cute" as they like to say :) These weeks I made a lot of Christmas cookies, most of them were decorated with fondant and icing. There were cookies everywhere in the kitchen. They were so may that I started spreading them in the other rooms. My kids looked the cookies, looked at me and like knowing the answer asked me quietly "Are there cookies for us?" For couple of weeks my answer was : "No,unfortunately, not today...Don't touch these!"
I was feeling so bad...I hated myself. I baked and decorated so many Christmas cookies for the other people and I couldn't find time and energy to make some cookies for my own kids...

That's why last night I made all these cookies especially for my lovely kids. I LOVE YOU!

The cookies are gluten-free, covered with maple syrup, fondant and  photos made on rice paper. On some of the cookies I tried to glue the rice paper photos only with maple syrup without any fondant. Somewhere I read that this is possible. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me...

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