Sunday, December 14, 2014

Happy birthday Andrea!

Happy birthday, dear Andrea! You are a beautiful princess and I wish you always to keep your charm and glamour! Be happy and healthy child!

Andrea's cake wish this year is Frozen. And because so many young girls are so attracted and addicted by the two Disney characters, the two princesses Anna and Elsa, here it's the moment to tell you, my dear young friends-You are the most beautiful princesses! Don't dream to be exactly like Elsa and Anna. You are very charming, beautiful and unique!!!! Each of you, my little princesses, carries the one and only beauty!

I have never seen Andrea till the day I gave her the cake. Couple of days ago I met her mother Emilia, very beautiful young lady who bought me the small radio from "Frozen" that I put on the cake. The parents have chosen the radio as a present and they have decided the cake to decorated with it. The radio is beautiful but it is more beautiful when you press one of the buttons and the song "Let it go" starts. Then the photo of the two princesses starts flashing. The effect is stunning!

The cake is made out of chocolate and vanilla layers, gently soaked with syrup and attached by by favorite cream of mascarpone and strawberries.

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