Friday, December 5, 2014

Home-made vanilla pie with raspberries

Everything started with an activity in my daughter's school. Two-three days ago all the kids from her class prepared small vanilla pies. Of course, the teacher did the biggest part of all this but the kids filled the pie crust with the vanilla cream and on the top they decorated with some raspberries and tangerines. 
The most important thing of this activity was that my daughter was very proud of herself, of what she had created. She brought 3 of these small pies at home just for us, to try them...Honestly, they were delicious!

That's why today I decided to make similar pie to surprise my kids in the evening when they come back from school. The crust I made from cake layers left-overs with coconut oil. I baked the crust for 5-10 min.Then I filled it with home-made vanilla cream and when the pie was chilled out I decorated with thin almond slices and fresh raspberries. On the top I spread some white sprinkles.
Enjoy it!

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