Friday, November 30, 2012

Rice Crispy dessert

Today I'll show you an idea for a dessert with rice crispy and chocolate transfer sheet. I found the idea somewhere in the net and immediately I decided to make the experiment. My kids adore rice crispy. That's why I decided that it will be interesting to mix chocolate and rice crispy.
During the preparation I took some pictures and I hope they will give you an idea how to prepare that easy and quick dessert.
  • First, we start with melting the chocolate chips. You melt 2/3 of the desired amount and after that you add the rest. Continue stirring until all the chips are dissolved.
  • After that, cut the rice crispy bars into tiny pieces and add them to the melted chocolate chips. Stir well.
  • Spread the mixture on the transfer sheet.If you make thinner layer it will dry quicker. 

  • After a while the layer will be dry and you can carefully peel it from the acetate.On the next picture you can see how it looks like.

Here I would like to apologize for the pictures but while I was taking them I didn't pay any attention that they are so awful. I was concentrated on the chocolate transfer sheet...
  • Then break the sheet into pieces with different irregular shapes.
  • You can fill a bag and make a nice surprise to your kid, to the neighbor's kid,to some friends...

  • Enjoy it!

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