Saturday, December 1, 2012

Some more winter cakes

Today I'll present you two other ideas how to use the transfer sheets. I hope you will not be bored to tears with my new obsession . I hope I 'll stop pretty soon :)

First cake is a small one, 4 inch diameter but tall. I made it with 4 chocolate layers. They are stuck together with the mint flavor filling ( my other new obsession) which this time is definitely greener than the previous time. On the top I put some snowflakes for decoration.

The second cake that I decorated with transfer sheets are cut in separate pieces - some of them are triangles, some are with irregular shape. My pieces are very thin and in that way they break very easily. If you put more melted chocolate on the transfer sheet after that the pieces will be thicker and more durable. I didn't have time to way for the chocolate to set and that's why my chocolate layer is very thin. It depends on you what you are looking for. If the cake is for some special occasion you can cut the pieces with regular shapes, for example triangles or rectangles. On the top of the cake I made a charming snowman just for fun. Honestly my kids don't accept a cake without any fondant figure or decoration.

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