Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy birthday,Krisi!

Today's cake was for the 8th birthday of a very charming girl Krisi. She chose to have a cake with a horse head. By the way when I was looking for some ideas in Internet I found that most of the birthday cakes with horse heads were for kids at the age of 8! Which I found very interesting!
I hope that Krisi liked what I made for her although the horse was a little bit different from the photo that her mother sent me. If I should be honest with you there were a lot of emotions around the cake. First I liked the challenge to make something different. There is always a thrill when you have to create something new of what usually you are doing. Besides the thrill there was some fear. I was scared if I'll make the horse looks alive. The eye was a small element form the cake but very important. The look of the horse makes the whole cake. The 2 chocolate layers with mascarpone cream filling with wild berries is covered with homemade fondant which I found very soft and easy to work. The homemade fondant is very good to make small decorations and figures. I made an ivory fondant and after that I painted with brown color. The mane I made with chocolate frosting and I used some dark brown color candy writer. 
The horseshoe is my idea for good luck and happiness. We decided to add the rein which wasn't on the original photo but according to me it makes the horse more real.
I hope you will like it too...

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