Sunday, February 27, 2022

Genshin cake

This year our youngest daughter asked me for a Genshin cake for her birthday. Being honest with you I even didn't know what is "Genshin". She immediately found a photo from the net and showed me what she wanted. My first impression was "What is that cake?"

Kalina, my daughter, gave me some details about the cake, showed me the game that she plays, etc. That "Genshin" was her cake wish and nothing else could replace it.

The cake is made with chocolate layers and very light chocolate cream. The cake is wrapped by 3 different nuances of blue butter cream. Only the roses, the Moon and the diamonds are made out of fondant.

Although my daughter picked up the cake idea and she showed me the photo, I was hiding the cake during the whole working process. When I showed her the final result she was so happy. Her eyes sparkled. That was the most wonderful gift for her at that moment. I was very touched when I saw her excitement.

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