Thursday, January 3, 2019

Mini Cooper cake

My first Mini Cooper cake! My first cake for 2019!!!!

The cake was ordered by very close friend of mine who wanted to surprise her boss for his birthday.

I have never made a mini cooper cake. Even my 3D car cake are not so many. Being honest with you this is not my favorite type of cake because....because of my husband. Probably you are wondering why my husband is involved with the cake. I'll tell you the secret right now :)

My husband's passion are the cars and not only the cars but all tiny details describing a specific model. That's why when I make a car cake he always gives his professional advises and ideas. I really appreciate all this but I am making a cake out of layers and cream not out of metal or plastic parts which makes my part a little bit more difficult :)

Let's stop talking about my working experience with cars specialists and have a look of my Mini Cooper cake. Of course, I took so many pictures that probably you will be tired of me...
Some of the photos are taken at daylight, some of them are at night. You will notice the difference...I forgot to put the windscreen wipers on the front  and that's why I took more pictures later on. Of course, the light wasn't good but I'll share with you everything...

The cake is made out of chocolate layers with light chocolate filling. Then I covered it with chocolate ganache and at the end was the fondant. All decorations are edible and are made out of fondant.

I got pictures of the real car (my friend sent them to me) and I tried to copy all the details from there.

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