Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ninjago cake

This cake is for Konstantin's birthday. Tino,as we call him, was in the daycare of my youngest daughter. Last year he started kindergarten and now he is ready to continue in first grade. Good luck,Tino!!!!
And although the two kids are not anymore at one at the same place, they are still very close friends and ask for each other. My youngest daughter was very happy that she was invited to Tino's birthday party and she had the chance to play with him again.

Tino's cake wish this year is Ninjago. His dad gave me the idea to make half of the cake the face of the Blue ninja and the other half- the Green ninja. He wasn't so sure which one is his son's favorite character. 

The first layer of the cake is made out of ground raw almonds and hazelnuts, dried figs and raisins, coconut oil...only healthy ingredients.
Next layers are Red Velvet and Classic vanilla. The cream is vanilla with light sour cream, fresh raspberries and organic blueberries.

Happy birthday, dear Konstantin!!!! Be very happy and healthy child! Enjoy the summer vacation and good luck in school!

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