Saturday, February 21, 2015

Two-sides homemade vanilla cream

This cream is the traditional homemade vanilla cream. The same recipe that most of you know and use - flour, eggs, milk...Nothing extraordinary.

Why did I name it "two-sides"? The answer is very simple and obvious. A half of the cup I decorated with ground dark chocolate and the other half I decorated with ground pink chocolate.

This cream I made on purpose - to show my kids the two sides of our life. It can be accepted as a cup of sweet vanilla cream and always there are some "decorations" in our life. They can be good and happy moments (the pink color) and they be be sad and dark moments as the dark chocolate. But both sides always exist in our life and there isn't a strict line between the light and dark. That's why I put some blueberries between the two chocolates. I spread everywhere very tiny heart sprinkles (white,rose and red) expressing my belief that the love is our driving force. These tiny hearts will give us strength and faith and will make us better people. They are small but without them the dessert is not finished....

We have to appreciate our life in the way it is, with all his happy and not so happy moments but our life will be always a sweet bowl of our favorite cream :)))It depends on us if we can taste the sweetness!

That's the purpose of these cups of vanilla cream :) And of course, to make some dessert for my kids that they like.

Unfortunately you can's see the vanilla cream but you can always use your imagination :)))

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