Thursday, May 1, 2014

Something sweet for a gloomy afternoon

I'll share with you my last craving :))) It's a mini carrot cake that makes the air sweet with cinnamon flavor...I adore the cinnamon flavor and the taste also. This time I decided to change the recipe of the traditional carrot cake. I changed the filling. Instead of the traditional cream cheese filling and used cocoanut and pecan frosting. That's why on the top of the cake you can see the tiny pecan pieces and the lack of snowy white color. The layers I soaked with fresh apple juice. For me apples and cinnamon are going together when we are speaking of desserts. And that's it!!! Very simple and irresistibly delicious dessert for a rainy day like today :) And don't forget a cup of your favorite drink. Then the pleasure will be complete!


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