Monday, May 19, 2014

Love and orchids, orchids and love

Congratulations dear Amalia and Benoit!!!!! I wish you life full of love, passion and support!
All the best to this beautiful couple!
The cake design was picked up by Amalia, our beautiful and very charming bride. She found a photo of a similar cake in the web and she asked me to make the same one. Amalia liked very much the idea of a marriage with cute cupcakes. Together we picked up all the flavors, fillings, decorations, all the details. Amalia likes very much the orchids and the yellow color. You can see it.
There are 3 different kinds of cupcakes - vanilla , vanilla with fresh blueberries and carrot cupcakes. The cake is a combination of vanilla and chocolate layers attached by chocolate icing.
It was such a thrill to me to make this cake. Although it's not my marriage the air was filled with love and memories, funny stories and abundance of emotions and beautiful feelings.
Thank you Amalia and Benoit that you made me a part of your memorable wedding!


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