Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy birthday,Ivana!


Being honest with you this cake definitely had different colors. More bright, more electric...Unfortunately all my pictures are the same. Actually all colors that I used were electric. Hopefully in reality the cake was electric as Ivana's desire was. The cake was made with electric pink and electric green layers stuck with 2 different cream fillings - mascarpone filling with strawberries and light chocolate filling.
I'll share with you one secret. The most difficult part with this cake was finding the pink feathers. I checked a lot of craft shops but no one offered the feathers that I was looking for. Finally I  found and bought a Halloween mask where the "my feathers" were attached. You can't imagine how happy I was...Then I immediately started creating cake.

Happy birthday, Ivana! I wish you a wonderful year full of nice surprises and memorable moments!

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