Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dinosaur cake


Happy birthday, Nikola!!! Be happy and healthy boy!

Today's cake is for the 4th birthday my friends' son-Nikola. As a boy at that age he is attracted strongly by the dinosaurs. I remember my son at this age....he collected all different sorts of dinosaurs, different colors, shapes, made of different material....And he was obsessed by this passion for more than 2 years. From the daycare to the school....There, at school, they continued studying all these creatures with their Latin names. But the most weird thing to me was how my son remembered all these long and very complicated dinosaurs names but he couldn't remember what he had done during the day at school :)))Boys!
The cake is painted to look more realistic. All decorations are made out of fondant except the two small dinosaurs on the top. They are plastic. Nikola's mom asked me for toys too because this small surprise will bring more smiles on Nikola's face and the dinosaur collection will increase with two more specimens. I hope you like Nikola`s dinosaurs cake.


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