Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lego cakes

Happy birthday, my dear Nikola! I wish you the whole happiness on the world! Be a good and healthy boy! Enjoy the party that you  have waited for so impatiently!
I have made two cakes for the 8th birthday of my son Nikola. As I told you once my kids (according to me) are very lucky because usually for their birthdays they receive not only one cake but two. They are extremely happy although they appreciate mainly the decorations which disappear immediately from the cake.
My son dreamed  of a Lego cake. He insisted to be on the Ninjago theme. Right now he is interested in these figures a lot. The word "a lot" can't even express the whole thrill around these ninjas. He is talking only about them, he is playing only with them. Even he goes to school just to talk and play with his friends with Ninjago:)
The first cake that I'll present you is the Green Ninja. It's a small, rich chocolate cake with fluffy Nutella cream filling. I think it's no necessary to explain you the whole excitement. When Nikola understood that I'll start his cake he ask me politely to make it without stopping. He was very impatient and thrilled.And here is the Green Ninja...

If you are wondering what is no the top of the head,I'll give you the answer immediately - Green Ninja's weapon. Why is on the head? I have no idea. That was Nikola's desire.

The second cake is with confetti base with delicious milk chocolate cream. This time I decided not to cover the cake with fondant just for a change. My son chose the picture from one of his favorite Ninjago books. The picture is edible as the lego bricks. This time I used Lego candies and in that way I saved  time creating every single lego part out of fondant.

We love you,Nikola! Enjoy your childhood!

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