Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cake from scratch

Today's cake is my older daughter's idea. Everything started with the shape:) I know that it sounds weird but it's true. Sophia asked me yesterday to make her a cake in the shape of a heart. That was the only one condition.
Now it was my turn to decide what kind of cake to create. I didn't feel like making something too complicated or well decorated. Just a homemade cake, delicious and exceeding my client's expectations:)
Too many cakes are not good for our health and I decided to make a healthy raw cake. It was abundance of dried dates and walnuts, attached by cocoanut oil and water. Look at how simple it is!
At the bottom of the spring form pan I put a  thin waffle layer that I covered with strawberry jam.After that I spread the raw and well blended mixture. I would like to mention that this time I didn't use cookies at all and it worked pretty well too.
Now let's continue with the other layers. I was wondering for a while how to cover the cake and immediately another idea came into my mind. My daughter likes very much vanilla pudding. OK, I made it and I poured it over the raw mixture. Probably you think that this cake is very weird and inappropriate mixture of flavor. I thought the same till the moment I tried it. It's incredibly tasty. The vanilla pudding is exactly on the right place. It makes the cake not so sweet (the sweetness comes from the dried dates ) and gives it the fluffy feeling. 
Sophia was very happy when she saw the vanilla pudding on the top and with a smile she told me that she wanted exactly that kind of a cake:)
We decided to spread some ground dark chocolate. This idea was accepted with enthusiasm at the beginning but finally my kids were disappointed with the taste.They, probably like all kids, don't like dark chocolate....We had in the fridge fresh raspberries and they were the final decoration made by Sophia by her own. She picked up the ribbon with the roses. When I wrapped the cake Sophia started jumping and shouting "This is my cake, this is my cake!"
Now it's time to show you the cake:)

As you can see the cake isn't something special but it's special for my family and mainly for my daughter. And to make this cake it won't take you a lot of time. And last but not least, the cake is delicious!

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