Friday, January 24, 2020

Mascarpone, chocolate and strawberries cake

Today I'll share with you a cake that I made probably a month ago for my family. This cake is a delicious treat for everyone who loves chocolate, strawberries and mascarpone. This combination is irresistible. That's why I'll share with you the recipe and you can try it at home.
I won't give you any recipe for the chocolate layers. You can bake your own favorite ones. Just try to make two thin chocolate layers or bake one thick and cut it into two.
I used spring form for the cake. First you put your first chocolate layer and then arrange the cut in halves fresh strawberries around the spring form. Pour half of the mascarpone cream filling, then made a thin layer of fresh strawberries cut in small pieces. Pour the second half of the mascarpone cream filling and put the second chocolate layer. Put the cake in the fridge until you prepare the chocolate ganache.

It's time to prepare the chocolate ganache. I used semi-sweet chocolate chips. Made a thin layer (not like me). The cake won't be so sweet and you can cut the pieces easily in that way. You can decorate the cake in a way that you like. I used pistachio and fresh strawberries.

Now recipe for the mascarpone cream filling for my 25cm cake (10'' cake) :
  • 475gr. mascarpone ( 1 box)
  • 250gr. sour cream
  • gelatin
  • 250gr. sugar
  • 250gr. whipping cream

First you mix the mascarpone and sour cream. Beat it until you  get a nice mixture. Add the sugar, the solved gelatin. Beat again. Then add the whipping cream.
Keep the cake in the fridge for at least 4 hours. Enjoy it!

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