Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sweet surprises

These small vanilla sponge cakes I bought from the supermarket next to us. You can find them easily everywhere. They are more delicious if you soaked them with some syrup depending on your taste. Otherwise they are very dry and definitely are not my taste.

I filled them with homemade chocolate cream. It's better to do this while the cream is still hot. Then I used strawberries and blueberries poured over the cream. I used also some ice cream looking candies and colored in green melted candies. Being honest with you I am not a big fan of Candy Melts - they are too sweet for me. But I used a little bit of the melted mix.

This day I was with 4 kids - 3 are mine and we have a guest - my son's best friend. Four kids - four different tastes and preferences - one picked up the strawberries, the other - only the blueberries, the third - only the chocolate and etc....A little bit for everyone :)

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