Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Johnny Test cake

Being honest with you when my friend asked me for a cake for her son's birthday and told me about Johnny Test I hadn't any idea who is that character. When my friend, Nadia, sent me a picture I looked at the guy and he looked a little bit familiar....When I mentioned my kids about Johnny Test they knew him very well. Even they looked at me in the way "you DON'T know who is Johnny Test?!?!?". Shame or not, I knew only Johnny Depp...:) and that's was enough for me....
The story around that cake didn't finish with my unawareness. Nadia sent me a picture that I was supposed to print on an edible sheet and to place it on the cake. Sounds easy...but...when the moment for placing the photo on the top of the cake came something happened. I still can't find the answer but I couldn't unglue the picture. It started breaking everywhere!!! What a disaster! I couldn't believe that this was happening right now to me...I wanted to cry but this wouldn't solve the problem. That's why I left the tears for another moment and I started thinking what I could do. The lady that made me the photo was leaving on a vacation. Bad luck! There was another option - another patisserie that could help me. Unfortunately, in the morning they totally shattered my faith that there would be a "happy end". Without making any effort to take my money they explained me they do not print any photos on Saturday!!?!?!OK, now it was the time to cry....But I hadn't any time to cry right now. I should find some solution to the problem. And I decided to make my own picture. Unfortunately, I don't have any talent as painter but I couldn't find any other option. That's why I made a copy of our character Johnny Test on a piece of fondant and after that I colored him. Look at the final result.

Do you like him?
Anyway, let's make the long story short. I am glad that my friend's son-Maxim-liked the cake. He celebrated his 6th birthday and he was very happy to see his favorite character. I can't explain you how happy I was seeing Maxim's happy eyes. Now I know it was worthy to make the effort to draw....
Happy birthday,dear Max! Be always happy, full of energy and a winner in the soccer games!
The cake was made with red and green layers (Maxim's favorite colors) attached with chocolate cream. Around the cake I put chocolate fondant and the picture was made also on a fondant circle. I used some green sugar gems that kids found very attractive and tasty :)
I made some green and red bits with the left-overs.

Usually I use them with the buttercream that I cover the cake before I place the fondant but in this case I decided to use them in that way. I added a little bit of butter cream, made the small balls and covered them with cocoanut flakes.


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