Monday, July 1, 2013

Light summer cake

The cake that I'll show you today I made especially for my husband two days ago. It's was especially for him first because he had a special occasion on June 29th - his name day - St. Petar and secondly, because he adores that kind of cakes - with abundance of cream mainly one of my favorite cake fillings with mascarpone cream, sour cream and fruit. I make very often that filling with strawberries or with wild berries but this time I decided to change the fruit. I used puree of apples and peaches and for sweetener I used organic agave syrup. The base of my dessert is a mixture used for cheese cakes - ground cookies with cocoanut oil instead of butter. After I kept the cake overnight in the fridge I decorated with cocoanut flakes, raw almonds and raspberries. The cake is really very light and tender and the best part was that my husband was pleasantly surprised. He likes the new fruit change. Me too...

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