Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lion cake

The lion cake is for the 3th birthday of a cute boy from the daycare of my daughters. His name is Konstantin but  all his friends from the daycare called him "Tino". He adores all jungle animals, dinosaurs and mainly lions. That animal was his desire for his birthday cake. That's why I decided to prepare a cake full of palms, lianas, big green leaves, all kind of animals - monkeys, parrots, elephants and of course a majestic lion on the top. The kids adored the cake and I think Tino was extremely happy with his lion too :)
I adore the cake also. Like all kids' cakes I made it with a lot of love and enthusiasm. I know how happy can be a kid when he sees his favorite character on his birthday cake. That's why I have stimulus to make more decorations and to bring more smiles on children faces. The sparkles in their eyes are the biggest prize for me.
 And now it's time to show you Konstantin's cake.

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