Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New 2015!!! My dear virtual friends, I wish you healthy year, an year full of nice surprises and memorable moments!

This cake is for friends of mine. The requirement was for a very light cake, no fondant, no fancy decorations, less calories :)

That's why I made a cake with very fluffy pink layers with light cream of raspberries and sour cream. Around each cake layer I arranged strawberries halves and everything I wrapped only with whipping cream. On the top and then around the cake I spread coconut flakes. Even I didn't use any butter cream. What do you think are there less calories? :)

On the top I put some icing decorations, ready-made. They are just for the kids. They always look for something colorful and sweet :) And my cake experience shows that these decorations disappeared immediately, even before you start cutting the pieces.

Happy New Year, my dear friends!!!

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