Monday, December 22, 2014

Train cake

This cake is for Alexandre's 3rd birthday. Happy birthday,Alex! Have a great party!

Some days ago Alexandre's mother called me and asked me for a cake for her boy. The only requirement was to make a cake with a train....but not Thomas. I was more than happy again. As I mentioned in one of my last post I am tired of Christmas cakes. The idea of a cute train was like a bless to me. And the colors too! I adore the warm colors! When I was a little girl my favorite color was the yellow one. I always connect  it with the sun. And the Sun for me is Life!

The train was made out of rice crispy covered with fondant. And now more photos taken from different angles...

I'm so sorry for showing you so many photos but I think I am addicted to this cake :)
By the way, the cake is vanilla with colorful sprinkles inside. The cream is my favorite - mascarpone with wild berries. Yummy-yummy!

Enjoy the party,my little friend! All the best to you !

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