Saturday, December 20, 2014

Happy birthday Zara!

Happy birthday Zara!!!! I wish you a wonderful birthday party! Be healthy and happy!

This very chocolate cake (chocolate layers with light cream of Nutella and sour cream) was idea of Zara's mother - Petya. The mother called me two weeks ago and we discussed the cake. Unfortunately, I had never met Petya before and I sincerely hoped that I would have this chance when they would pick up the cake.  I had this strange feeling that we know each other for a long time....That's why I was so curious to meet her. When the day for the cake came, Zara's father arrived. And again,unfortunately, I hadn't the chance to meet Petya :) But let's stop with these long explanations :)

Petya wanted flowers. And I was extremely happy to make a cake with flowers because honestly I am very exhausted of all Christmas decorations, snowflakes and snowmen :)

The back of the cake...

I wish good luck to Zara, to be a child always with a smile on her face!
Enjoy the cake, enjoy the birthday party,Zara!

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