Monday, December 22, 2014

Good morning! It's a surprise!

Look at what I have just prepared for my kids for tomorrow...It will be a surprise :) I hope tomorrow morning when they will open their big eyes ready for the new day and full of energy, they will see my surprise and they will leave me to sleep another half an hour... :) These are my dreams but we will see what will be the surprise for me.

I decorated the cupcakes with icing and I spread different color sprinkles. On some of the muffins I spread broken peppermint candies and on some I put the plastic deer ...

Do you like them? Do you think that my kids will be pleasantly surprise and will leave me to sleep?

Just to protect myself I also made some cookies. 

These are lime ones and I made them for the first time. I am really curious to try them and to see what kind of taste they have. The color is amazing - bright green. Unfortunately, on the photos you can't even notice anything greenish....

I spread some lime icing on the top and then I used the peppermint candies. Before that I broken the peppermint sticks in small peaces. I also used some red and green sprinkles.

Tomorrow morning I will see if this will be a nice surprise or not...:)

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