Friday, December 12, 2014

More Christmas treats

Let's continue with the Christmas treats...Today I'll share with you my last cupcakes and cookies.
All of the them were ordered by my friend Saida who organizes very interesting activities in LaSalle library.
First, the cookies with the Christmas images...

Of course, all the images are edible. I covered the cookies with fondant,  I put the picture, then I decorated with green or red sparkle gel. On some of the cookies I used different colored sprinkles. 

The other cookies are with honey and cinnamon. I just covered them with fondant and I made some fondant decorations. Also I used some icing decorations ( the Christmas tree, the penguin and the gingerbread)

The cupcakes are vanilla with dried raisins and blueberries. Gently covered with white icing and then with fondant.

Happy holidays everyone!

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