Friday, December 19, 2014

Fruit dessert with mini eclairs

Some weeks ago I made this vanilla pie. But honestly I forgot to post it. Being busy with all Christmas cookies, cupcakes and cakes, I completely forgot what I had done besides the Christmas :)

I arranged some mini eclairs in the crust shell and then I poured the homemade vanilla cream. I adore eclairs. That's why I decided to make something different. Then I arranged the fruit on the top. I strongly believed that everyone in the family would like it. My surprise was when my daughter started trying the dessert and posed the question "What is this inside?" I told her "The mini eclairs. Isn't it better with them?!?!" Then I was shocked when I heard the answer: "No! I do not like eclairs!"  I was very surprised because my daughter ate eclairs  and she liked them.
Anyway,she stopped eating my dessert when she heard what I put inside and the smile quickly disappeared from my face...
But I hope you like it...

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