Monday, December 1, 2014

Funny Christmas cupcakes

Today spontaneously I decided to make some funny cupcakes for my kids. In the very beginning I was thinking to make stylish Christmas cupcake. Then I found all these cupcake decorations in my "winter" box and the idea for something stylish disappeared. I was a 100% sure that my kids would be more attracted seeing these plastic decorations with the snowman and the paper chimneys with Santa Clause boots.

I made some vanilla muffins and the rest were red velvet. When they were baked and chilled out I made a hole in the center of the red velvet muffins and I filled it with light chocolate cream. On the top I spread melted white chocolate, I covered with fondant and finally I put the paper sticks. The vanilla muffins I decorated only with royal icing and some red and green sprinkles. On the top I put the plastic decoration with the snowman. You can't notice but the plastic bubble is filled with tiny snowflakes...

By the way did you notice the difference between the day and night-time photos? It's enormous...But I decided to keep and the night-time pictures although the colors are so dull....

I was extremely happy when my kids noticed the cupcakes. They liked them-the taste and the different look.

With the rest of my red velvet mixture I made some other desserts.

It's difficult to say "muffins" because they are not in the round shape. I used very beautiful winter paper cup that I bought 2-3 years ago from IKEA. But the size was bigger than my muffin pans. This size was very rear and that's why I always leave the paper cups for "the next time":) This year I arranged the paper cups in my cookie baking pan, I filled them with the muffin mixture and I waited for the moment when everything would be messed around. Fortunately they were baked perfectly except the shape. That's why some of them are like squares, some of them are half circles-half squares. But who cares ? :) I filled them also with the chocolate cream, I decorated  some of them on the top with the melted white chocolate and then...they disappeared very quickly in our mouths. The flavor was irresistible!

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