Sunday, January 4, 2015

Holiday desserts

Today finally I found some free minutes to share with you what I have made during the holidays. Most of the desserts were for my kids  and for friends. Hopefully this year we had the chance and time to meet some of our very close friends.
These gingerbread men I made with my older daughter. She helped me a lot with the decorations. I was very happy and satisfied with these gingerbread cookies because last time I tried to make them I used a recipe from the net and unfortunately it didn't work for me. These time the kids were with smiles and they ate almost all of them.

Now something different...some oat cookies with chocolate chips and on the top I melted and spread some white chocolate. Then I used some Christmas transfer sheet. I spread the rest of the melted white chocolate and I used the picture for the cookies decoration.

Let's show some muffins. They are made out of bran with mixed dried fruit. On the top I spread some blue icing powder and for the kids I put some winter icing decorations.

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