Friday, January 9, 2015

Cheese cake with homemade blackberry jam

My last cheese cake - irresistibly delicious! I'm proud with what I have done. My husband liked it so much that it was hard to stop him. "Just one more bite and and that's it" was the phrase he repeated last night some many times.
Being honest with you, my kids didn't want even to try it. They haven't been attracted by the outlook. If it isn't colorful-forget it :)
But why I have decided to post this cheese cake? Of course,not tell you how many pieces we ate last night :) The real reason to show you my last dessert is the homemade jam that I used. 

It's a jam that my aunt made last summer with real, wild blackberries. When I open the jar I was pleasantly surprise what I found inside - only blackberries. Probably most of you can't understand me why I was so surprised but the people like me who bought their jams you know how many fruit you can find inside the jar. It's written "Strawberry jam" but when you open the lid just the color is red and there are a few strawberries here and there just to show us that this is "strawberry jam". And of course, the taste of the wild blackberries is different.
I put some of the jam in the cheese cake mix and with some of the blackberries I decorated around the dessert.


I'm sorry I can't share even a piece with you...Next time :)

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