Sunday, January 18, 2015

Good morning Tiramisu

Good morning my dear virtual friends!
Today we will start the Sunday morning with hot cup of Italian coffee and a large piece of one of my favorite cakes Tiramisu.

I use a very easy recipe and now I'll share with you. You need only at least 2 hours to keep the dessert in the fridge :) Patience, pls...

Ingredients ( 6/8 servings)
36 ladyfingers
450g. mascarpone cheese
5 egg yolks
1 whipped egg white
150g sugar
coffee (to soak the ladyfingers)
1 small glass of liquor of your choice
powdered plain cocoa

Beat the egg yolks together with the sugar in a bowl until you obtain a frothy mixture. Stir in the cheese and mix carefully. Add the whipped egg white and then the liquor. Mix well into a smooth cream. In a baking dish, spread a layer of cream, soak the ladyfingers in coffee, turning them on the both sides and then line them on the top of the cream. Pour a second layer of cream onto the ladyfingers and then arrange more ladyfingers soaked in coffee.Top with another layer of cream, spreading it evenly with a spatula. Using a sieve, sprinkle the powdered cocoa generously over the cream.

And now the most difficult part - Put into the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.
Tiramisu is at its best if you prepare it one day in advance.

Bon appetit!

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