Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Damian's first steps


Let's start today with a wish....
Dear Damian, I wish you a life without any big obstacles on its way. Or if there are some (let it be realists) treat them as stepping-stones that will lead you to something better. Step bravely and discover the beauty of the world!
Today's cake is for Damian. You have already met this cute boy who celebrated his first birthday at the end of July.
Some days ago he celebrated another important moment in his life - his first steps. That's why the cake is with these cute tiny training shoes. They are really very tiny. The size surprised even me when I made them out of one of my templates. I can't remember but probably last time when I made a cake with training shoes I modified the template....Anyway, I found them as a sweet memory to this special moment in Damian's life...The wish on the cake is created by Damian's mom - Trayana. As I mentioned in my previous post dedicated to Damian, Trayana is an amazing lady - very positive and energetic young mom. 
And now it's time for some cake photos...


Good luck, Damian!

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