Sunday, September 28, 2014

Happy birthday Tedi!

This Pony cake is for Tedi's 6th birthday. Happy birthday, dear girl!!!
Tedi's mother ordered the cake and I knew from her that her daughter was wondering what kind of cake to pick up for her birthday. At the very beginning the cute girl wanted a cake based on the movie Frozen. After that she saw one of my last cakes with Tinker Bell and she changed her mind. Later on I posted a cake with 2 ponies and Tedi changed again her mind. Finally she decided that the most wanted cake for her birthday is "The Pony cake" . Even once while I was speaking with her mother I told her joking, of course, that I'll stop posting any cake until Tedi pick up something and in that way I won't confuse her any more :)
Tedi's mother chose the pony. This one on my pictures is mine and I just put it to make the photo session. On the birthday party they used their own.

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