Sunday, September 28, 2014

Autumn cupcakes

Unfortunately the summer is over....Even the astronomical fall started some days ago...Although I adore the fall colors - the yellow, orange and red, I miss the summer, the warm sun and the green lawns...But there is always a hope that soon the other summer will come :)

These cupcakes I made for my son's friend Stephen. The two boys are at one the same class and they are very good friends. I'm so happy of that fact because I really like Stephen - very good and intelligent boy. Yesterday my son spent the afternoon (even the evening :) ) with his friend and with his family. I was extremely happy. I hope that the guys had incredible good time together and they amused themselves.

The cupcakes are vanilla, covered with thin layer of fluffy vanilla frosting and I spread some fall sprinkles on the top. On some of them you can see the tiny pumpkins that I put on.

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