Friday, September 26, 2014

Make-up cake

Happy birthday, Daniela!
Although I have never met Daniela I met her sister and she is a wonderful person, very charming and very smiling. She wanted to surprise Daniela for her 25th birthday with this cake.

I hope Daniela was pleasantly surprised.
Silvia is the name of the charming sister who ordered the cake. She sent me a picture of a similar cake found in the net and she asked me to make the same cake for her sister's birthday. Of course, I changed it a little bit but I kept the theme - "make-up". Silvia also sent me a picture of a dress that her sister bought for the special occasion. It was blue like this one on the cake. Unfortunately, when Silvia came to pick up the cake she told me that Daniela changed the dress but it was to late to change the cake :)))
The cake is vanilla with coffee flavor and the cream filling is "Raffaello" - the same as the candies. This cream is delicious but I find it very sweet. But who can resist to Raffaello's cocoanut flavor?!?! It's good for cake filling and I use it when I make Raffaello candies.


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