Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy birthday Eva!

This cake Mickey Mouse and friends is for Eva's 3rd birthday. When her parents came to pick up the cake I met Eva for the first time - very charming little girl with enormous beautiful eyes and very attractive smile. At the beginning Eva was shy, of course but when she saw the cake the beautiful smile appeared on her face.
Her mother, Tatiana ordered the cake. She asked me for a cake based on the theme Mickey Mouse. We both decided that it would be a good idea if we put some plastic toys on the top - a nice surprise for Eva. Most of the photos I took with plastic toys that I have at home because I wasn't sure that I would have the chance to take a picture with the real toys that Eva's mother bought. Finally I took some pictures with Eva's toys. I give you all these explanations just not to wonder why the cake is the same and the characters are different. And now I'll share with you all different angles of the cake (if a round cake has any angles).  
Happy birthday, dear Eva! I wish you very happy childhood, a lot of presents and nice surprises!


And now with the other toys...


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